Xavier was born in Terrassa, Spain on Jan. 25, 1980. As a Spanish professional football player, he act as the central midfielder for a club. He grew from the Barcelona youth academy — La Masia aged 11. In 1998, he participated in an important competition for his playing career. From then on, he participated in 700 competitions and won 82 goals. Although with great talents, the great success is a critical factor contributing to his perfect performance on football fields.

Due to his good personality and team spirit, Xavi is regarded as the demonstration of the tiki-taka passing style, and is regarded as one of the greatest central midfielders. In 1999 and 2000, Xavi won the U20 World Cup and the Silver Medal of the Olympics respectively. After his debut in senior team, he has been chosen by the Spain national football team for more than 100 times. For his outstanding performance in the football team, he is regarded as the most influential footballer of the team. When you saw the view of his back in Spain football shirt on football fields, you’ll be moved by his efforts and enthusiasm on goals.

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